Walking to Stonehenge

by CameronM Sun, September 21 2003 05:03

After too many lazy days on buses and in London, I decided to walk the 4 hours between Salisbury and Stonehenge. The weather for a change was overcast with showers, but we managed to keep dry and soon the skies cleared and we were able to enjoy the walk through the countryside.

I was just beginning to think that the walk wasn't a great idea, when just in time we walked over a small rise to see the ruins of Stonehenge lying before us. We sat under a tree in a field, resting and admiring the view from afar, before joining the hundreds of other tourists herded like sheep around the ruins. Don't expect to get any pictures of Stonehenge without at least 20 total strangers blocking your view. The place is packed.

After the obligatory walk around the ruins, where we are kept at a safe distance by a rope fence, we handed in our audio tour headphones and left with a slightly disappointed feeling. On the bus ride back to Salisbury, we talked to a local who says that the best time to see the stones is at night after the guards have gone, when it is possible to get up close and personal, as well as avoiding all the tourists.

Don't expect to get too close to Stonehenge

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