by CameronM Sat, March 11 2006 22:45

We left Santiago and headed towards to the coast, port city of Valparaíso (Valpo for short). The journey is only 1 hour 15 minutes and on very nice buses, so I caught up on a few z's that I had missed out on the night before.

The Chilean's were swearing in their first femail president at the Congress building located in Valpo, so we were expecting a huge turn out. The Chilean's aren't obviously as keen about politics as my American friends, as there were only a few thousand people lining the streets. This meant that at least we had a good view as both the old and new presidents drove past our vantage point.

Valpo is also famous for it's 23 hills which ring the city and are a maze of streets and houses built overlooking the bay. We walked around for what seemed like hours, no doubt because my feet and legs were still tired from the long walk the night before.

It was handy to have a Spanish teacher in our group, as Chile is not the place to come if you don't at least have some Spanish language skills. We managed well and were able to get across most of what we wanted/needed.

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