Searching for a job in London

by CameronM Tue, September 09 2003 07:31

Oh the joy of a job-seekers day. I hit the streets early (well as early as you can when things don't get moving till 10am) after doing the laundry. First stop the local internet cafe to check for emails and search the job sites for any new postings. A few telephone calls later, I was discovering that, just as in Australia, the contracting agencies are extremely poor administrators, even though many require these skills from their candidates. Two agents admitted that the jobs they had advertised had 'just this morning' been put on hold. Sounds a little strange really.

There's not much else to do when you've scoured all the sites and applied for every job you can, so I headed to Hyde Park to read the paper and have a bite to eat.

Later in the afternoon I returned to the internet cafe to check for today's postings and decided to apply for absolutely anything that looked OK. After about an hour, and 10 applications later, I headed to the shops and bought that old favourite SPAM, no not the junk email but the tinned ham. I couldn't face another night of tinned spaghetti so I added the fried up SPAM to make quite a nice meal.

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