San Pedro (Concepción)

by CameronM Sun, March 26 2006 21:56

An early morning departure from one of three bus terminals in Santiago, but first of all we had to wedge all our gear onto a micro. Thankfully being a Sunday meant that there were only a few people around early in the morning.

It was a six hour bus ride to Concepción, where we met a pastor who drove us to San Pedro in a school mini-van. San Pedro is only about 20 mintutes outside of Concepción, so the trip wastn't too bad.

We were 'camped' out in the loft above the church building. The three single girls in a big tent and myself in a small two-man tent.

Luckily, the married couples were able to bunk down in two brand new offices the pastor had constructed just for the occasion.

Although we were all wasted from the trip, our first service was at 7pm and we had to take the whole church service. The church is very small, only about 20 people, so at least we didn't feel too intimidated.

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