Rural Haulpin

by CameronM Sat, April 01 2006 22:14

Today we headed out with a local pastor to visit several homes in the rural area surrounding Haulpin. The people are farmers, selling potatoes, which are sent to Santiago, no doubt to make french fries.

We had lunch at the home of one farmer who is very active in the church. I was surprised when I ventured into the bathroom, as the rest of the house was quite rundown and I expected the worst. The bathroom was almost brand new, however and nicely tiled. Thank God for small mercies:)

I the evening we continued walking to the local church, about 20 minutes over fields, across gullies and over fences. We were accompanied by a middle aged lady who we had visited, and I will now never complain about not getting a carpark close to church again. Man, what they had to do just to get to church, it rwally made me feel very lucky.

The church was having an all night preayer meeting and asked us to share a little about ourselves and then prayed for us too. Afterwards we joined them for dinner before getting a lift home.

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