Rolling the Yellow Submarine

by CameronM Mon, April 03 2006 22:18

Today we headed off to vist another pastor in the rural area. He is planning a special activity on the weekend and wanted us to call into the houses nearby and invite the people.

It turned out to be a slow job, as the houses were a long way apart and in every house we went in and chatted to the occupant, who was very happy to see us.

We had split into two groups and we had gone on foot, while the others went in the pastor's yellow VW van, which we nicknamed the yellow submarine.

When we next met up with the others, they swapped and went on foot, however we did not get very far. On the very next hill, with the others looking on in horror, the little yellow submarine stalled just near the top and started rolling backwards. Before we could do anything we started heading into the steep bank on the side of the gravel road and the van rolled over onto it's side.

I was beside Yerko and tried to stop myself squashing him, but we both ended up against the side of the van (which was now on the ground). The girls on the other seat were in the same position and they also had the seat lying on them.

Thankfully we were all OK and we soon scrambled out the doors, which were now facing the sky, helped by Luke, who raced to our aid.

We got a nearby farmer to bring his tractor and in no time at all we had the now slightly dinted yellow submarine back on its wheels.

The pastor clearly felt bad, but Yerko, on our request, spoke to him saying that it was not his fault. We gave him some money to fix the van, as most people barely make US$200 a year.

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