Preparing to head south

by CameronM Sat, March 25 2006 21:54

After a day organising the last minute things for our trip south, we headed to Yerko and Corine's house, which is located about 30 minutes away by micro. They live in a very nice apartment complex, with a security guard and green common areas. Their 2 bedroom, plus study apartment is modern and has a great view to the nearby mountains.

In the evening we headed to the church where Yerko and Corine go and attended a youth meeting. We have all been practicing dramas and sharing testimonies, so as a group we are all able to do something when asked.

Lise and I did a short "Cultural Greetings" drama, in which we shake hands and greet according to the custom of a number of countries, such as Russia and China. All this has to be done in time with the music, but we have rehersed half a dozen times and know it very well now.

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