Pamukkale - Marmaris

by CameronM Mon, October 06 2003 07:41

Leaving Pamukkale, we said goodbye to Jennifer, an Aussie we'd first met in Istanbul and who Tan was quite fond of, and Kari, a Canadian we'd met on the Gallipoli tour, who had been our companions for the last few days. The girls were going on for some more travel, while for Tan and I we were nearing the end of the road, for this trip at least. We headed to Marmaris, a coastal resort town, where we hoped to be able to catch the ferry to Rhodes.

Being back on the local buses was again a treat, although the buses themselves are exceptional, few of the drivers or on-board staff speak English, which can be quite interesting. We stopped at a bus station somewhere along the way and were told this was a 20 minute break. So it was with some surprise that 5 minutes later we were running after the bus as it headed out from the station. Luckily it had to turn around in the carpark so we were able to jump back on before it had gone too far.

Marmaris is everything you think of when you hear the words coastal resort. Expensive, filled with sun-burned tourists and about as Turkish as a Cadbury chocolate Turkish Delight. We met people on the third or fourth visit to Turkey, who had never ventured outside the town, and looked at you like you were talking Turkish when you mentioned some of the BIG tourist attractions like Ephesus and Pamukkale, which were only three or four hours away.

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