Overnight bus to Santiago

by CameronM Sat, April 08 2006 21:41

Having arrived at 7am into Santiago, we boarded a micro for the trip to the OM Office. Most people had slept badly on the bus, so it was great to hear that we had no organised activities and could relax until dinner at night.

I emptied the contents of my backpack into the washing machine, since in the last two weeks we had only been able to have a few items washed and my clothes had been worn and re-worn a few too many times.

In the afternoon we walked to a nearby supermarket and bought a small thankyou gift for Yerko and Corine, before we headed off for a BBQ with the other OM Chile staff at the home of the Director.

Luke, Rachel and Jennifer headed off after the BBQ, so we said our goodbyes and soon it was just Lise, Bernedette and myself all alone in the office. It was a strange feeling, after spending 3 weeks with so many people, to now just have a few.

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