by CameronM Tue, October 07 2003 07:48

Trying to spend as much time in Turkey, where it is cheaper, we decided to stay until the very last day of the trip and then catch the ferry to Rhodes, where we would kill some time before heading out at 1am (who thought that was a good time to fly?). As the grand finale and as a bit of a treat, we joined 40 other tourists, and about 20 other boats, whiling away the hours on a day long boat trip in Marmaris Bay.

The cruise, which only cost US$15 included breakfast, lunch and all the beer and local spirits you could drink. The poms were out in force and doing their best to consume as much of the free beer as possible while getting redder by the minute. Tan and I were content to swim in the clear water and sunbake. It was a nice day and not too expensive even when converted to Lira.

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