Marmaris – Rhodes – London

by CameronM Wed, October 08 2003 07:54

We spent the morning wandering the streets and waterfront of Marmaris before heading to the harbour for the one-hour ferry crossing back to Rhodes. As we had to fill in the rest of the day and a large potion of the night until our flight out at 1am, we wandered the familiar streets of the Old Town.

After dinner, we boarded a bus headed to the airport. As fate would have it, there was a taxi strike, so the local bus was the only viable alternative. This worked out well anyway, as it was significantly cheaper and took the scenic route, which helped kill some time. Sadly, we still arrived at the airport four-hours early. We had planned our expenditure almost perfectly, I only had €4 left and since we where heading back to the UK I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to change it back to £’s.

I had no time to recover from my travels, as I had organised to start work at Manhattan Toy the day I got back. Suffice to say that after travelling all night I was a little tired for my first day’s induction.

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