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by Melita Mon, December 06 2010 08:23

I have not been to the outback, nor have I driven across the Nullarbor, or seen the Simpson Desert, so while I do not have much to compare to the landscape here, the areas we drove through today were some of the most desolate (and depressing) I have ever seen. Mountains of rock, rock, rock, rock and some tumbleweeds are all you can say make up the area called the Sierra Nevada. The road was very straight and very long, punctuated by the occasional ‘town’, which consisted of outlet shopping and a casino.

The scenery may be boring, but you can think about your new gun

Las Vegas is a strange and surreal city. In the middle of nothing, it has somehow survived and seems to be continuing to grow. Big names come here to perform. Big money is spent and lost (and occasionally won, I believe). It is incredibly busy and ridiculously grotesque. I admit I am biased – I’m not a huge city fan.

The Road to Las Vegas - Are we there yet? 

We arrived around 4pm, checked into the Circus Circus and went up to our room for showers before heading down to try one of Las Vegas’ famous buffets. Despite reading reports of 99c buffets, ours did cost $14.99 (plus tax). It was however, very impressive. Salads, hot roasts, vegetables, pizza, pasta and a very impressive dessert selection made up the offerings and we were full in no time.

Walking through the casino on a specially marked walkway (off which you were not allowed if you were under 21), we made our way up to the Midway, a floor especially designed to hold the Circus acts performed there every ½ hour. The stage was surrounded by ‘sideshow alley’ games of skill and luck, where a game of shoot down the clowns won you a small cuddly toy for the princely price of 50c. We managed to accumulate 3 such small toys, 1 of which we got for free, as we had vouchers for free games. We also stayed to watch the Kenyan Acrobats, which were all double jointed, energetic and very impressive.

So ended our night in Las Vegas! We had had a long driving day, so we weren’t interested in trying to see what was on the strip. We are coming back and staying closer to the action next time, so we will make an effort to see the lights etc.

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