London to Rhodes, Greece

by CameronM Wed, September 24 2003 05:23

The Gatwick Express whisked us from London's Victoria station to Gatwick Airport for our early morning flight to the island of Rhodes in Greece. Unfortunately once on board the plane we didn't whisk anywhere for an hour or so. I started to worry when the captain explained that they were having difficulty storing the fuel required for the flight!!! Surely my backpack didn't weigh that much that they needed more fuel than was usual? I think this was merely a story to cover up the fact that after a night on the town the pilots had forgotten how to fly and were getting last minute tips from the ground grew on how to take off.

After a relatively short flight – well you need to remember that I am used to the 24-hour trip from Australia – we arrived in Rhodes and caught a taxi to the Old City and wandered the streets for a short time before deciding where to stay. We had planned to stay at a local backpackers, but upon arrival we found that there were no staff in sight and were told by one of the residents that we shouldn’t expect them anytime soon. Thank Lonely Planet for that great reference – maybe next time you should actually send someone to Rhodes to check your facts.

We ended staying at a Pension – which is basically the same as a B&B with the family living downstairs and a small number of bedrooms upstairs. The accommodation was clean and well located, although the proprietor neglected to mention that he and some visiting relatives were planning an Ouzo drinking binge, complete with late night ranting. Welcome to Greece!

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