Kuala Lumpur Lake Park

by CameronM Mon, June 24 2013 12:22

I’ve never been able to face rice or noodles for breakfast, so we headed to KFC for pancakes – yes KFC sells breakfast in KL. We wanted to see a few sights around KL, so decided that the hop-on-hop-off bus would be a good way to get around. Our first destination was the botanical gardens, or more specifically the Lake Park, which we had read contained a large playground that would be fun for Zane. After a lengthy bus ride, we got off at the botanical gardens and walked to the playground. We hadn’t factored in the heat and he was pretty well exhausted after a short play and we headed back up to meet the next bus.

One of the problems with the bus was that at a number of stops it made a five or ten minute photo break, which meant it was an extremely slow trip. We had planned to get off near the Petronas Towers, but by that time we were all weary and the smoke made photography difficult.

We had dinner at a restaurant on Jalan Alor, a street that is home to myriad restaurants and street vendors selling satay skewers, steamed delicacies and fresh fruit. We had a delicious meal, very much like the Thai food we’d cooked in Chiang Mai.

We headed off to the airport for our late night flight and we were glad to leave the smoke haze behind. KL had been an experience, but not my first choice of Asian stop overs.

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