Hyde Park London

by CameronM Fri, September 05 2003 05:06

Owing to the change in time-zones my day started at around 2am, and I can tell you this much, there's not much to do at 2am. I filled in the time by creating a spreadsheet which contains a list of expenses and calculates the length of time I can stay based on the daily average. Exciting stuff I know, but hey I wanted to brush up on my Excel skills anyway. I wandered outside at about 7am to be greeted by a somewhat sleepier Bayswater, covered with a thin veil of fog. The temperature was decidedly cooler than yesterday afternoon, however it was still t-shirt whether.

Across the road from the hotel is the ever popular Hyde Park, I say 'ever popular' because even at 7am the park was a hive of activity as runners, walkers and cyclists took to the multitude of paths around the park. The grass looks decided browner then I expected no doubt thanks to the heat wave conditions over summer.

Hyde Park London

With digital camera in hand and having no idea where I was or where I wanted to go, I simply wandered around, heading anywhere that seemed interesting. First stop was Kensington Palace, where mourners still leave flowers, notes and photos for the late Princess Diana. The palace itself looks rather bland with brown bricks and a rather plain facade, not that I'd say no if someone gave it to me.

Kensington Palace on the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana

I continued to wander along the path being passed by countless cyclists riding all manner of bikes, including those small bikes that look like you're riding your child’s bike with an extra long seat pole. One fellow on just such a bike was engrossed in a mobile phone conversation; thankfully those ear-piece hands-free kits now make it possible to talk business and ride, something that seems quite useless.


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