Food, glorious food

by CameronM Sun, April 02 2006 22:15

A very busy day today, heading to church with the missionaries, followed by lunch with the whole church.

After church we boarded the pastors van (sitting outside again) and headed to a very small church on the outskirts of town. The people had killed a pig for us and we again sat down to eat with them, for us a second lunch. I was soooo full.

After a brief time of sharing, we headed across the river in a small row boat. I felt bad for the poor young guy who had to row all us 'fat' missionaries.

The pastor's mother-in-law lived across the river and about 20 minutes walk away. She was very pleased to see us and her daughter, who came with us. The mother was very lonely, as her husband has been in hospital for a long time. We shared, sang a song and helped her light the fire in her stove before saying goodbye and headed back across the river.

On the way back, the three guys, Rachel and Henry, the Missionary sat in the back of the van. It was now dark and very cold, but it didn't stop Yerko and Luke, who have named themselves 'the wildmen', from standing, waving and shouting at passing traffic.

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