Disneyland Day 3

by Melita Sat, December 04 2010 07:58

Well our early morning pass was not used this morning. Not that I’m surprised or upset – it was still dark at 7am. It would have been very cold and dark and then we would have had to lug our jumpers around all morning. Anyway – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

We did get to the park at around 9.30am. As it was a Saturday, we weren’t sure if it would be ridiculously busy. It turned out to be pretty busy, but not as crazy as last night.

We headed to Toontown again, rode the rollercoaster (twice), had photos with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, did the ‘small world’ ride again and then waited a million years to go on the submarine ride – not the best investment in time. It was well done, but Zane has never seen Finding Nemo the movie, so he didn’t relate as much as some of the other rides – like the Toy Story characters. We finally got to see the parade, which was at 1pm. We had a good spot we didn’t have to fight for and had a very interesting conversation with the people next to us. We realise we haven’t had much opportunity to talk to many American people. We don’t really meet them, except the people that serve us at restaurants, and they can’t stay and chat.

While we haven’t really done all the rides here at Disneyland or seen anywhere near everything, we really had to call it a day. If I was living in the fairly close vicinity, I would get an annual pass. For around the same price as a three-day pass, you can get an annual pass and come and go all year round. Fabulous idea! We met a couple of people with them and they just came for a day or a few hours.

Back at our hotel and Zane had a nice long nap and then Tracy and Russell, Tamara and Rhys came over and we had Chinese food for dinner and the boys went for a swim in our heated pool. The pool might have been nice, but the getting in and out is too much for old wussy me!

Overall a marvellous experience at Disneyland, and a fabulous place to come back to in around 10 years time, when all of the rides will be accessible by Zane (as he will have grown a few more inches) and he can carry his own backpack and put on (and off, and on, and off, and on) his own jumper.

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