Civilisation at last!

by CameronM Tue, April 04 2006 22:20

After saying our goodbyes to Henry and his wife Isobel, we boarded our bus to Tumuco, the nearest 'big' city to Hualpin. The ride was a lot better than the outbound trip and I was able to enjoy the coutryside, which consisted mainly of farmland and beautiful hills. Chile is lucky to have a cold enough winter for the trees to lose their leaves, so at the moment many of the trees are starting to show their autumn colours.

Luckily we only had a short wait in Tumuco until we could board another bus for the hour and a half trip to Pucon. After spending the last week or so in virtual isolation from the outside world, Pucon was a sight for sore eyes. With internet cafes, call centres and enough Adventure Tour companies to satisfy even the most die-hard extreme tourist.

We stayed in a nice compex of chalets about 15 minutes walk from the centre, but what it lacked in location it made up for with charm. As an added bonus, I also didn't have to put up my tent (first time in about 10 days) or sleep in my sleeping bag (first time in about 16 days), so I was very happy.

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