Church in Spanish

by Admin Sun, March 19 2006 23:10

The adventure team consists of myself, Luke and Rachel, an Australian couple, Jennifer a Canadian and two Dutch girls Bernedette and Lisa. Our leaders are Yerko and Corine. Yerko is Chilean and Corine, his wife is also Dutch.

All of us, except Corine and Yerko, are bunking down at the Santiago OM office for most of the week, when we will be training up for trips out into various parts of Chile. The schedule is pretty intense, with a mixture of Church and village visits and enough 'Adventure' things to keep us busy.

The office is located in a pretty slummy downtown area, not at all like Las Condes or Providencia. In fact Lisa and Bernadette had to promise not to walk alone after dark, as they have stayed here by themselves for the last four months.

The building is an old house, with several out-buildings. Ouside and accessed via the courtyard, there is a room with ensuite where the two girls sleep and further back a large room (that used to be a storage shed) where Luke and Rachel sleep.

Upstairs in the main building there are a few training rooms (one occupied by Jennifer), a computer room and a bathroom. Downstairs there is a kitchen, toilet, large room that was once the dining and lounge room and my little library, which is just off the front entry.

Today we headed of to church, which lasted for three hours, a common event in Chile. As it was all in Spanish, it is not too interesting, although I found it easy to sing the songs as the words are about 4 times slower than they speak, which is great.

After church we headed back to the office for lunch and some practical evangalism teaching. We did a few dramas, one where I get to be God, which of course is nice, since last time I was Satan.

We follow the Chilean example and eat our main meal at lunch, usually consisting of a cooked meal and bread. We eat outside under the shade of the trees in the courtyard, as it is nice and cool. At night we eat 'onces' which is like an early supper, consisting of cold meat, bread and cookies.

As a rough plan here is what we are going to be doing for the coming week.

Tuesday-Wednesday: Travel to Valparaiso for an overnight stay, surfing lessons and handing out tracts.
Thursday: Go to a local boys home to perform some dramas and entertain the kiddies.
Friday: Door-to-door in a poor area of Santiago, with a Spanish speaker and a questionaire about religion.

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