Bodrum to Istanbul (Why I hate buses)

by CameronM Sat, September 27 2003 05:38

Whatever drugs we were taking when we decided to travel on the overnight bus from Bodrum to Istanbul, had obviously worn off by the wee hours of the morning, as I discovered just how few interesting things there are to see in the dark.

We arrived in Istanbul on a Sunday morning, but still the main bus station was crowded. The guidebook says there are in excess of 100 different agents and gates, and looking at the vast complex, I would say they finally got something right.

For no obvious reason, the bus station is situated about 20 minutes from the main city centre, so we boarded the clean and swift Metro rail system, which emptied us out right near a main junction for the tram network. After attempting to gain some sort of understanding into how to catch a tram and failing miserably, we turned to the guidebook for a little advice. Unfortunately either my map reading skills are terrible or the maps that are provided by guidebooks deliberately leave out countless minor roads and appear grossly out of scale.

Whatever the case we decided that Sultanahmet, the area that was the main focus for tourists didn’t seem more that a few blocks away. It actually turned out to be about 2 kilometres. After a long overnight trip on the bus the last thing we felt like was to walk 2k’s carrying fully loaded backpacks, but once you start you find yourself saying, “Oh it must be just around the next corner”.

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