Barcelona - Rupit, Spain

by CameronM Sat, November 08 2003 08:07

At 10am we found ourselves heading off with our American guide Tracey, whose fiancé has run excursions in the region for 3-years, although she has only been there for about a year. Our journey took us about an hour and a half, but within 20 minutes, we had left the busy city and suburbs and were cruising through the Spanish countryside. At every corner there was another postcard photo opportunity, which Liz, our fellow companion and interior designer remarked was very "pretty".

Before long we arrived at Rupit, which Tracey had told us was a popular destination for Spanish day-trippers, although frequented by few tourists. The village is set around a mountain - well more like a hill really - and the setting is beautiful, even if on the day we were there it was slightly overcast. After a brief stop at a local cafe, we toured the village, climbing ever upwards towards a lookout over the whole village. Some of the buildings we passed had construction dates back four or five-hundred years, while on a nearby hilltop stood a small chapel dated to around 1000 AD.

Leaving the village, we hiked through the wilderness to a nearby waterfall, where Tracey produced our packed lunch. We sat perched on a rock overlooking a valley where the autumn leaves ranged in colour from brown, yellow and green. It was a great spot, and the view made lunch very enjoyable - of course you might say it was "pretty".

All too soon we were back at the van and heading back to Barcelona, but we all agreed it was a very rewarding day and a change from visiting the big city (although I still had to do that too).

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