Planning a trip to Turkey from Rhodes

by CameronM Thu, September 25 2003 05:33

Today we explored the island of Rhodes, well maybe not the whole island, but at least the Old City area. It was amazing. The walls withstood centuries of attempted invasions until the city finally fell during the crusades. They are huge and it's impossible to think that anyone got past them.

The old city streets are narrow, yet the moped riders still motored along with little regard for their own safety, or more likely our safety. The place was filled with the last die-hard tourist, milking every ounce out of the summer, swimming, enjoying the cafe scene and generally having a good time.

After much debating and haggling with travel agents, we decided to head to Turkey via the Greek island of Kos. This was supposed to be a cheaper alternative, although it would mean an extra night in Greece, which was turning out to be quite expensive. The choice paid off however, with a memorable 3 hour ferry trip, when we travelled with Greek islands on our left and Turkey on our right.

We stayed overnight at Alexi’s Pension, where our host Sonya made us feel extremely welcome, which was in stark contrast to our Ouzo drinking host from Rhodes. Sonya was even able to provide a guide to ‘good places to eat’ and I don’t think any of the proprietors were her relatives.

Armed with Sonya’s advice and a hand-written map, Tan and I went out to explore the culinary delights of Kos. The meal was nice and for the first time in Greece I felt that we were paying the same price as the locals. It is always nice to see locals dining at the same restaurant as you and getting the same menu – albeit in Greek instead of English.

The only detraction to an otherwise pleasant meal was my own fault. Having sampled Retsina, the resinated wine (resin-flavoured wine) produced in Greece, when I worked for a firm of Architects I had expected the local variety to be somewhat improved. I was however disappointed to discover that even here is Greece, Retsina still tastes like Mentholated Spirits. I guess I won’t be buying a bottle duty-free!

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