San Diego Sea World

by Melita Mon, November 29 2010 19:30

After a late night (but a surprisingly good sleep-in of 9am), we headed out ready for Sea World and on a quest to find breakfast. After a miss-step at Wal Mart (we didn’t feel like a sub for breakfast), we ended up finding a Denny’s. Having heard so much about it, I expected to be served with everything and then the kitchen sink, but while the serving size was excellent, it seems that some of the extras have gone by the wayside. I’m wondering if the rise in obesity has led to some cuts, or just the GFC. Anyway, no complaints. Everything was lovely, but I really can’t face bacon and eggs another day.

One thing that is continually surprising me is the number of Spanish speaking staff. I realise that we are very close to the border from here, but I occasionally feel like I’m actually IN Mexico. I do feel rather stupid. I wish I could switch from Spanish to English and then back again in the same sentence.

So, off to Sea World, where we purchased our Southern California City Pass. It turned out Zane is free as he is under 3, a real bonus and a saving of around $230. He’s definitely old enough to enjoy it though.

We started towards the seal show, but were distracted by the seals being fed outside the stadium. It was a feeding frenzy, and great fun to watch. After finally dragging ourselves away from the entertainment, we got to the show and saw a few good tricks.

We decided to plan the day around the shows and filled in time between with seeing the other parts of the park. So before the dolphin show, we went to the fresh water aquarium (a very old exhibit with many small fish tanks housing different fish, including a tank of piranhas). Zane wasn’t particularly impressed, but then neither were we. The dolphin show was next. I was really looking forward to this, knowing how great the one at Sea World Gold Coast is. I must say I was VERY disappointed. It was more of a pageant than a dolphin show. The dolphins didn’t really do much in the way of tricks at all.

The Shamu (killer whales) show was on next, but on the way we were happily distracted by the Sesame Street Bay of Play. This was an excellent kids activity section, with a huge netting section above the ground and walkways interconnected with climbing tubes. Great fun! We all enjoyed it!

The Shamu show was great. Zane could really see the whales (as they were so huge) and really enjoyed it. At certain points in the show, the whales drenched the crowd with water - the first 12 rows in fact. That tail could splash a LONG way. Thankfully we were well out of the way.

We also saw the polar bears, beluga whales, a walrus (very ugly), and watched some penguins being fed (greedy little things) before finally dragging our sorry butts to the exit, thoroughly exhausted, but happy with our day.

We had a well-earned dinner at a “Souplatation”, a buffet restaurant with salad, pasta, pizza, soups, as well as a desert bar with lots of soft serve.

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