Refreshing at Saltos del Laja

by CameronM Thu, March 30 2006 22:09

A nice day of rest today. I walked to the falls early after reading some of my LDS notes from the night before.

Yerko and Luke did "conquer the falls" after lunch, I think they are mad, we were all watching, wearing jumpers and really rugged up, while they headed off in swimwear!

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Saltos del Laja

by CameronM Wed, March 29 2006 22:06

Todey we left San Pedro (via Concepción) and headed to Saltos del Laja, which is a waterfall located near the town of San Rosendo. The place was deserted, as it is getting a little cool for camping and also because schools have just gone back. We had the whole campground to ourselves and were able to make as much noise as we liked.

The waterfall is very impressive, even though it is not the best time of year to view it. Yerko and Luke got soaked when they tried to get as close as possible to the falls. They have vowed to conquer the falls and swim to the very base on Thursday.

At night was sat around the camp fire and started the Life Direction Seminar, which was actually very good. We had done a few hours prior to leaving Santiago, mainly about personality types, but the two sessions at Saltos de Lajo cover things like setting out a Mission Statement for your life and determining what is important. I thought it was great to take some time out and think about what I want to do with my life and how I have been 'wired'.

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