Five Cities Shopping

by Melita Fri, December 17 2010 19:09

This morning we woke to dreary weather and the forecast of a storm front bringing bad weather to the coast and lots of snow to the inland area (where we want it later in the month). Not a good day for the beach, unfortunately! We decided to go and find some shops that sold Lego, and buy some for Zane, both as a wet weather day activity and as Christmas presents. Lego is cheap here. A small box for $11.95 – at home the same box would be around $25-30. After buying up big at both Walmart and Kmart, we headed home for lunch and Zane’s nap.

Then I went out and found some more shops. I bought Zane a couple of other pairs of Nike shoes in a few larger sizes so he should be set for the next year or so. Cameron also got another pair of Levi’s. I tried on some more Levi’s, but I don’t really like the fit. I found a shop called Anne Klein that was going out of business. They had the best blouses for $20. I am sooooo sold on shopping here. The only problem with outlet shopping is that you don’t always get the sizes you like. I found a lovely shirt at Anne Klein, but they only had Large and I needed Medium. I found a pair of black heels but needed an 8 ½ - only 8 and 9 available.

While shopping for Lego, we found a Woody figurine that was very cool. It had the pull cord and said 25 sayings, and when you took its hat off, it said things like “the wind took my hat”. It was only $30. Zane is absolutely enthralled. After we unpacked it, he sat in the car pulling the cord and putting the hat on and off and laughing. It was so cute. He’s even taken him to bed (just like the movie – how gorgeous!). Unfortunately the Lego has taken a back seat (thankfully most of it is hidden away for Christmas).

Tomorrow we are off to Monterey for the night and we will see the apparently famous Monterey Aquarium.

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