Ephesus - some of the best Roman ruins

by CameronM Thu, October 02 2003 06:16

The town of Selcuk (Selçuk), like Canakkale is made famous by its proximity to greatness. In Selcuk's case it's the ruins of Roman Ephesus. The vast city, like Troy, received prominence because of it's access to the sea, which now lies a good 4 kilometres away (somewhere at the end of harbour street).
The ruins have been partially restored so that visitors can get a feeling for life in the metropolis. There is a large amphitheatre, the front facade of the Library and more columns than you know what to do with. During our visit, workers were busy restoring a series of town houses set into one the hills near the Library, so there's a reason to come back.

On the way back from Ephesus we stopped at a small village, where one restaurant sold pancakes. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. The pancakes are prepared by several people, usually women, in front of you, so you can see exactly how they are made. One woman sits on the floor and rolls the pancake on a large board placed on her legs. The pancake is rolled until it is about 70cm in diameter (and nearly overhanging the board) before the contents are placed in the middle. You can choose from a variety of fillings including banana (my choice), egg plant, spinach or chocolate. The pancake is then folded into a square and placed on the fire, where a second woman tends to it until cooked. They were very filling and very cheap, which is always good, but overall it's the experience that makes the whole thing enjoyable.

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